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Maybe it's stress. Or age. Or hormones. Or the constant fucking rain** we're having. Or just me turning helpless because I'm tired of taking care of myself or something. But whatever it is, I've been stupider, clumsier, and generally lamer than usual lately.

Some of it is post-holidays techno-overload: I can't seem to untangle my headphone wires. My new Bluetooth car kit, which has only three buttons, seems kind of confusing to me. And my new "convergence device"--designed to let me listen to music, connect to the internet, read ebooks, check my calendar, send text messages, maintain my little black book, teleport to Venus while it vacuums my living room and talk on the phone--is all...complicated and stuff.

The internet servers at work have been choking for days, and that always makes me feel disconnected and spacy.

So when I left my wallet on the bus--because I was listening to music and reading a novel on my "convergence device," and the big wallet that's supposed to serve as its case, but doesn't quite fit or work right but was very beautiful and not-cheap so I keep using it, fell out of my bag and I didn't notice it because of the music (it was bluegrass, for the record)--I started to think I had a problem with my brain being missing.

The bad: of course I cancelled my plastic and must now wait for replacements and reset the credit card number that's on file with every company I pay monthly bills to.

The good: My "convergence device" was plugged into my head at the time, so at least I didn't lose that.

And some great good fairly decent soul on the bus turned the wallet in to the Tri-Met lost and found minus only the few American dollars that were in it (they left the British five-pound note). So I have it back, driver's license, bus pass, memorial Serenity ticket stub and all.

Now, how to de-discombobulate myself...?

I'm thinking another vacation would be in order.



(Deleted comment)
Jan. 13th, 2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
In re-reading my post, I realize I didn't make it clear that all (two of) the credit cards came back safely as well. Of course I'd already cancelled them and am without resources for ordering stuff online for several days (aaaarrrrgggghhhh!) but at least I don't have to lie awake nights worrying about identity theft.

God, my life looks like a minor tornado has hit it. I have some cleanup to do.



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