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Cover Art

I need a book cover!

There are quickie template-based designs online, and there's $5000 for original artwork, and there's not much in between.

"Well, what do you want to wind up with?" asked my sister Helen.

"Basically this," said I:
Working cover of Restraint, a photograph manipulated to look something like an oil painting, featuring Jared Padalecki's face on Johnny Depp's tuxedo-wearing body slouched in an enormous baroque brocade armchair, all in tones of red and gold

"...but a) without Jared Padalecki's face; b) not stolen from a copyright fashion shoot with Johnny Depp; and c) featuring a poet shirt and buckskin breeches rather than that 20th century tuxedo."

"So let's do our own photoshoot."

Well, why not? We have cameras. Everybody has a camera. We have tripods and lights and friends and junk shops and Craigslist. What the hell.

All we need is a tall, lanky red-haired model. And a high-backed wing chair. And some gold brocade. And a poet shirt. Some yellowish pants. A riding crop. A few gew-gaws that can pass for Georgian ornaments.

Yesterday I found the chair on Craigslist--twenty bucks! And they delivered it in an hour!
Wingback chair from the 1980s, upholstered in beige and puce chintz
(Just add gold brocade)

...so, feeling lucky, I went to the Rebuilding Center and came back with some ornamental junk for under $10.
Spray paint and some odds and ends that can be transformed into Baroque junk

...and then I found this thing at the corner resale shop. Weighs a ton!
Curlicue brass rococo looking brass wall sconce for four candles

Still to come:
  • Large quantities of gold brocade
  • Drippy candles
  • An oriental style rug
  • That poet shirt
  • A model
Wish me luck!

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Mar. 2nd, 2017 11:13 pm (UTC)
ha! This kind of exciting! :D
Mar. 3rd, 2017 12:21 am (UTC)
Well, I'm certainly having fun with this excuse to go shopping at the junk stores. I just came in from a tour de Goodwill, the back rack of my bike loaded with a pair of bronze brocade curtains that might work.

By the way, I re-read your wonderful "Revision" the other day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just now left you a little comment on AO3.
Mar. 3rd, 2017 03:09 pm (UTC)
Oooooh, going picking but with good reason! I haven't been inside one in ages because I refuse to buy stuff I can't use. I'm trying to save the children the cost of renting one of those big dumpster things to get rid of my stuff one day. ;D

Ah! Thank you! you are the best!! *HUGS*
Mar. 3rd, 2017 07:00 pm (UTC)
Yes! It feels dangerously slippery-slopey to be going back into these kinds of places after so many years of de-cluttering and paring down. Like you, I don't want to leave my family with a gross house full of junk to dispose of when the time comes. Bad enough that all my furniture is IKEA crap and not worth inheriting, but at least I'm using it myself every day.

Still, what fun to go strolling up and down the aisles of amazing cheap stuff that other people have given away!
Mar. 6th, 2017 03:43 am (UTC)
That chair looks magnificent. Can't wait to see the model!!
Mar. 6th, 2017 06:41 pm (UTC)
I can't wait either! You can bet I'll post pictures. :D
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