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A couple of shelves near my TV

vampirefan tagged me, and I tried to ignore her, but everyone's doing it and I feel so compelled by peer pressure.

Last film I bought: Poolhall Junkies. Why yes, I am that much of a Michael Rosenbaum fan. Man, what a disappointing flick.
Last film I saw at the cinema: Serenity
Last film I watched at home: Stand By Me
Five films I watch a lot, if by "a lot" we mean possibly more than once and we exclude Firefly which I'm in the process of wearing out:
  • Stand By Me: Nothing ever captured that turning point of adolescence quite the way Rob Reiner and Stephen King did in this movie.

  • O Brother Where Art Thou?: There is no accounting for the way I fell in love with this film. None. But I can watch it over and over again for the music and the silliness and the wonderful, recitable lines. "We thought. You was. A toad."

  • Truly, Madly, Deeply: Alan Rickman sings--creditably. Also, this is the first movie by Anthony Minghella, raw, sometimes amateurish, low-budget, and just so damned heartfelt. Juliet Stephenson is still my acting hero for the sheer flow and passion of her anguished tears.

  • Much Ado About Nothing: Like O Brother, this movie just makes me want to recite lines. Nearly everyone I know who likes one of these likes the other as well. Branagh may be an asshole and an egomaniac, but I love him as Benedick, and praise him for putting Denzel in leather pants.

  • Wings of Desire: Peter Falk appears as Peter Falk. There's Goethe. And Nick Cave. A daring young girl on a flying trapeze. Armor from heaven. Angels with ponytails and greatcoats. Berlin just before the wall fell--but they didn't know that when they were filming. It's a meditative, haunting movie--one of the few Great Classic Motion Pictures that I actually love.
Number of movies I own: Not that many--maybe a couple dozen. Plus 15 TV box sets, the majority of which seem to be great shows that Fox cancelled.


May. 17th, 2005 06:33 am (UTC)
I've never seen Wings of Daesire but I love the other four. Benedick: 'The world must be peopled' - the delivery is great. I like Branagh.



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