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A work surface

In the One Thing Leads To Another category (a category which pretty much characterizes my life), I'm making a work table.

Two things led to this project: First, I have a leftover door from the bedroom remodel; and second, several items1 on the remodel punchlist2 require sewing, which called for a bigger work surface than I have room for in my tiny house.

So hey, I have an idea!3 Why don't I make a wall-mounted, lift-up/drop-down table from that door? How hard could it be?4

Stripped to its essentials, a lift-up/drop-down table is a flat surface affixed to a wall with a hinge, and supported from below with...something...when you open it out.

The reality is a little more complicated. What's the surface? Which hinges will work? Where will the supports go when they aren't in use? What's the wall like? Etc., etc.

For at least two weeks, I've been learning about hinges and fiddling with foam-core mock-ups. After six trips to the corner hardware store and two to the Rebuilding Center, I think I'm ready to put the pieces together and mount them on the wall.

The door:
A hollow core door on sawhorses, painted gloss black
(Cue the Richard Strauss...)

The supports, cut from a sheet of forgotten and literally mouse-chewed plywood I discovered in my basement:
Two triangles of black-painted plywood mounted to wooden cleats with hinges

The massive strap-toggles I'll need to apply to the faulty wall to hold this whole thing up:
A large strap toggle, some four inch machine screws, and the quarter-inch drill bit needed to install them in the wall

The wall, which is nowhere near flat. You can see the first strap toggle sticking out at the far end. Eeek! It literally goes all the way through the wall to the other side! If this doesn't work, that poor wall will be even more ruined than it already is, and then what? (See One Thing Leads To Another, above.)
The wall where the table is going to to, marked up with blue tape and measurements

Okay, drill at the ready. I'm goin' in...

1slipcover, decorative pillows, a faux-fur throw. Ironically, no window treatments.

2I just learned that what's called a "punchlist" in my neck of the woods is called a "snag list" in the UK. Either way, it's the list of final corrections needed on a project.

3Another category that characterizes my life.

4And yet another.

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Jun. 1st, 2014 02:44 am (UTC)
God speed, you home warrior, you!!

I'm incredibly excited to see how this works because I've wanted to do this myself!
Jun. 1st, 2014 03:00 am (UTC)
Home Warrior. Heh. I guess that's me.

I've been saying for more than a week now that "I hope to get this done by tomorrow." But I hope to get it done by tomorrow.
Jun. 1st, 2014 12:25 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry, I lost it at "fiddling with foam-core mock-ups"... You go, girl! I've always wondered about those beds which fold up into the wall and leave lots of clear floor space during the day. No? Doesn't appeal? Seems to me you may acquire some transferrable skills while making this fold-up table.

How did you even find out that such things as those strap-toggles even exist? I don't think I've ever heard of them.

I'm impressed and fascinated, and looking forward to the "after" photos.
Jun. 1st, 2014 08:05 pm (UTC)
I've discovered that my local corner hardware store (which I'm lucky enough to have) is staffed with lovely helpful people. I knew about toggle bolts, but would never have attempted these strap toggles had the neighborhood hardware man not recommended them. He lives around here, knows the ins and outs of the old houses in the neighborhood, and knew immediately what I needed.

Various iterations of the hidden bed have fascinated me for years. My very first apartment, in downtown Denver, Colorado, had an actual, original Murphy bed--it levered upright against a heavy panel door, which you could then rotate so that the bed was hidden in a closet when not in use. It's a great invention!

Some future remodel could include such a thing, but I'd pay for someone else's engineering, because it's significantly more complex than this fold-down table.
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