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It's a long, long road

I'll have to read a lot of meta before I get all the plot-bits straightened out in my mind. Very often, other people help me understand what I liked and didn't like about a given show. But I know I liked some things right off.

Spoilers below the cut

Dean's death and demonization struck me as true to the story--pretty much inevitable--and not some daemon-ex-machina the writers pulled out of their asses. I loved that they went there, that they didn't fall back on another crossroads deal, that Dean has gone evil as the unavoidable outcome of all his many choices--good, bad, and well-intentioned. I liked that a lot.

As most of Tumblr is saying tonight, it's now 100% canon that Cas basically tore down heaven out of his love for Dean. I liked that, too.

Thank you to the showrunners for using Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home," one of my all time favorite songs, during the laying-out scene. It added a lot of tears to my already snot-faced crying. Come down off your throne and leave your body alone. Somebody must change. They'd better pay to keep that in on the digital release, is all I'm saying.

I liked the lighting and coloring in this scene:

screen capture from Supernatural season 9 finale, showing Dean in orange and blue light

It seems to presage Dean's imminent transformation. It's like he's already a little bit on fire. Also, Jensen. Just... *trails off*

I don't care how many times Show has had Sam and Dean breaking up, getting back together, and mourning each other: Jared and Jensen really sold it in this episode. "I'm proud of us." Me too, Dean. Me too.

I feel like Show has dug in and found one more catlike life, and I'm surprised and very happy to be looking forward to a tenth season.

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