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Breaking News: Media Still Sexist

This excellent ranticle by Heidi Cullinan (author of gay romance novels) articulates everything I hadn't quite thought of for myself about the way the Harlequin purchase by Murdoch has been covered in the media.

Briefly: The media, largely, regarded [the nearly half-billion-dollar sale of the leading firm in a billion dollar industry] as a women’s issue. Instead of reporting, we received jokes, insulting satire, and an umbrella reminder that despite what this might mean for the money and power and influence to the culture of reading in the twenty-first century, romance novels are about women, and women are ridiculous.

At least Forbes covered the story intelligently.

I'm pretty damn tired of my second-class citizen standing--third class, if you count my age. It's blog posts and articles like this one that increase my conscious awareness of biases that I wasn't raised to observe. Keeps me sharp.

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May. 9th, 2014 07:08 am (UTC)
There was a similar, very good post by Sarah at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

"A business that is, in the case of Harlequin for the time being, Canadian and apparently worth $455+ million dollars and will become - did you miss this part, Mr. Babad? This is kind of important, given that you're writing for a Canadian newspaper and this is a Canadian company we're talking about here - a subsidiary of an American publisher.

As I said on Twitter, do all nearly half-billion dollar acquisitions that change a Canadian company into an American subsidiary get written up as sex metaphors in The Globe and Mail?"


When one thinks of all that could have been said about Murdoch's past record as a businessman, and what has happened to companies which he's taken over, it is appalling that the coverage was at this level. But even if his track record was pristine, a transaction of such high value and which will affect the lives of thousands of people deserved to be treated seriously.

May. 9th, 2014 06:47 pm (UTC)
Ooh, good article, thanks. Glancing through comments on both blog posts, I've gotten various perspectives on the takeover, both positive (News Corp doesn't buy losers and therefore this buyout is proof that the romance novel industry is a financial player) and negative (Canadian jobs and revenue will be lost).

All of which is to say that there were a dozen more valid, interesting and important ways to report this news than the way most outlet chose to report it.

I sometimes despair of the mainstream media ever learning, and then I take heart from the fact that the mainstream media is a dinosaur that just hasn't fallen over yet.
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