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Board now

I've been sleeping in my living room for three weeks.

The moonlighting electrician, who could only squeeze me in on a Saturday, added a week to my little camping trip. Another several days got tacked on by four applications of plaster, each taking a day longer than normal to dry, owing to persistently damp weather and a north wall.

Andres the Drywall Guy swears that the new walls and ceiling will be ready for primer tomorrow, and if that's so, I can paint them on Monday. In anticipation of this exciting development, I came home from the neighborhood hardware store today with a step-ladder, which I will need to reach my newly-soaring 110" ceiling.

Meanwhile, I was able to maneuver the 10' baseboards from their storage place behind my couch on the porch into the bedroom, and there get them painted.

Five long boards painted high gloss white, lying across a pair of sawhorses in the unfinished bedroom
I love that all these pristine new surfaces can wear high-gloss paint.

The chaos around me is becoming extreme as deliveries of light fixtures, door hardware, ceiling fan, thermostat, smoke detector, glowy ceiling stars, cans of paint, a new door, lumber, fabric, switch plate covers, flooring, and heating elements accumulate. Stuff is stashed in every spare corner, and the place is so far past tidying or cleaning that my only object is to maintain a hazard-free path between my laptop, my coffee grinder, and my bike.

After paint, the milestones are electrical fixtures installed and flooring laid down. Then I can undertake the massive Some Assembly Required, IKEA, portion of our agenda.

Here's one of the visualizations I mocked up in GIMP to keep me going until I can move back into my bedroom:

Photo collage showing various fixtures and paint proposed for the finished room

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Apr. 6th, 2014 07:42 pm (UTC)
Like every project, ever, this one is taking more time than my most generous predictions. That's partly because I haven't had to be in any kind of a rush to do my part.

Now, however, I've got a deadline to meet, and I'm on it, man. It's going to be a busy week.



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