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Rainbow white

Since creating my not-really-black Rothko Walls in the living room a couple of years ago, I've been wanting to do a not-really-white version in the bedroom. Today I bought some paint and started experimenting.

The technique starts with six quarts of paint.
Six quarts of wall paint, lids off, showing six near-white pastel colors
(Speaking of colorful, King Cake for Mardi Gras in the lower left--brought to me by my neighbor from Louisiana.)

You daub the paint on with a sopping brush in big, thick strokes. It's a careless, untidy process, super forgiving and easy to do. You can play around with color proportions: here, pure white gets the most brushfuls, beige gets the fewest.
Many heavy brushstrokes of pastel colors on the wall

It's really messy:
detail of multi-pastel brush strokes showing paint dripping down the wall

After you load up a section of wall, you smudge the brushstrokes madly with a lambswool pad before the paint has a chance to set:
Multi-pastel paint smudged together on the wall
Could use a little more smudging to obliterate the brushstrokes and the drips better.

I think I like the result. I'll know more in the morning light when the paint is completely dry.

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