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Yesterday it was so nasty out that I abandoned my bike ride and took the train instead--it just wasn't worth arriving at my appointment chilled, soaked, and windblown.

Today it was spring.

Graydie the gray cat sitting in the sun on the porch

While waiting for my old pal Karen to arrive for a visit from the Olympic Peninsula, Graydie and I sat out on the porch with our coffee.

Darkemeralds sitting on the porch in the sun, navy blue skirt and tights, pink sweater

After Karen's visit, I pried a few more pieces out of the closet and unhooked the electrical bits. Tomorrow I should be able to convert the remaining structure to a pile of wood and a dish of nails. Then it will be time to get bids from the electrician and the plasterer. And the guy who can take all that lumber to the Rebuilding Center for me.

All the windows in my hollow and echoey bedroom are wide open tonight. My bed linens, which were out on the clothesline in the positively April-esque breeze most of the day, have that wonderful fresh-air smell. I think I'd better make my bed so I can go lie in it.

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