DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Chaos reigns

Today I nudged my bedroom project past the point of no return: I completely emptied what's left of the closet. There is no rail, there are no shelves. No hooks, no drawers, no bedside tables, no reading lamps, and no horizontal surfaces left in the room except the bed itself.

My hanging clothes are on a rickety portable rack (which is doing double-duty as a curtain in front of one of my denuded windows). My shoes are in the living room. My socks and gloves and underwear (the drawers drawers) are in the kitchen. My couch is piled with linens and pillows, folded shirts, luggage, giveaways and to-be-solds. Paintings are stacked against the walls.

I absolutely have to push forward with my plan now because this chaos will soon make me crazy.

The closet is astonishingly overbuilt--two-by-fours and super-long nails and massive 3/4" plywood. I exhausted myself and my hand-strength today deconstructing it. The condition of the underlying surfaces--floor, walls, and ceiling--is worse than I'd hoped, and crow-barring the wood off is damaging it further. The drywall and plaster guy is going to have some real work to do.

The closet, empty, with structural lumber showing
O hollow, hollow, hollow!

Meanwhile, my neighbor--half of the very kind couple who rescued Dean of Sam and Dean the Stray Cats, so you know he's good people--stopped by today to look the job over. He didn't see any major problems with my plan.

Unbeknownst to me, he's a builder (I had him down as a landscaper), so his opinion really counts. And he has guys--electrical guys, drywall guys, carpenter guys--who will give me a fair deal, and now I have phone numbers! Plus, neighbor himself said he'd pitch in on the electrical if need be.

Tomorrow is a day of hand-rest, so I think I'll use the time to start ordering stuff online. One way or another, I guess I'm in it now.

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