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Demolition Woman

Demolition is weirdly liberating. In one instant of decision, things I built, installed, painted, cleaned and cared for over the years have become the object of my base destructiveness.

Inserting the thin edge of a pry-bar and yanking two things apart, making nails scream as they come out--it's fun! It's like...anti-caring.

top corner of a closet with trim removed and bare wood and nails sticking out

So far it's just doors and trim. Wholesale removal of the structure will involve actually having to empty the closet, and I'm putting it off because this closet is the black hole of failed projects and buried memories, second only to the dreaded Storage Under The Bed.*

I cleared some of the shelves today and that was painful enough. Maybe I can face the shoes, clothes, luggage, jewelry, accessories and yarn stash tomorrow. This demolition gig puts me in a ruthless mood, though, so it might not be so bad.

Here's the resulting used-lumber pile so far, waiting to be de-nailed and delivered to the Rebuilding Center.
A bunch of trim and doors and stuff from closet demolition

*For those who've been around a while, this closet was a part of the original Project Empty that I never did fully clear. So it's positively archaeological.

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Feb. 15th, 2014 11:33 pm (UTC)
So true!

I did a massive decluttering of my house six years ago, so I have a whole lot of experience getting rid of stuff, with all the emotional and spiritual change that entails. And I now have six years of confidence, because I can't remember regretting a single discard.

There is a moment, however, with each item I pass under review, when I have to go through the letting-go process all over again. Another thing I learned in 2008 was that there's a decluttering hierarchy. Easy-to-toss is at the top and just-can't-let-it-go is at the bottom. Clearing the top level now will probably let other stuff rise to that level in another pass.

What's left in my closet and in the under-bed storage boxes was impossible to let go of six years ago. Some of it is easy now, but some, I think, will continue to stick for another few years. Maybe.



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