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19/31 Minty goodness

In an effort to stop making useless purchases, I've added a "Uselsss Purchase" tag to my Mint account. Mint can't (yet) accurately analyze online purchases via Amazon or Paypal, so it lumps them into the bland, meaningless category "Shopping". I then have to review my receipts and re-categorize these purchases into morally unassailable columns like "books" and "groceries" (well, okay, coffee beans), or more puritanically-dubious columns like "shoes and accessories" and "entertainment".

But whichever column my online impulse buys wind up in, some of them deserve the tag "Useless Purchases," and I review those from time to time, hoping to learn something which, at the age of 57, I really should have learned much sooner in life.

Here's what's currently tagged Useless Purchase, along with my reminder notes:
  • Red leather jacket, custom made and non-returnable. Color not like shown in photograph, arrived poorly packaged and wrinkled, wrinkles haven't hung out in five months, keep hoping the color will work for me but it doesn't, too big for H, too expensive to give away
  • Magenta belt
  • Sherlock S1 and S2 DVD sets to take to the beach, but we didn't have time to watch them and I could get them on Netflix Streaming so here I am...
  • New clothes for Dressing Your Truth. A bunch of t-shirts that turned out to be not quite right that I've since given away
  • Black "Hale Pack" hoodie *eyeroll*
  • On Fire (TW tie-in novel, too bad to read)
  • Writing with Clarity and Style (for JFM's writing class). Ended up paying to give it away (mailed to student in Toronto)
  • Grammatically Correct (for JFM's class) I KNEW I DIDN'T NEED THIS STUPID BOOK
  • Dumbass "writing course" by Joshua Fields Millburn. The only takeaway was "Sit In The Chair." Not sure that was worth four hundred bucks

The moral of the story is...try not to make useless purchases, I guess.

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Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:42 pm (UTC)
Dunno what credit cards you have, but my Visa and MasterCard are constantly helpfully telling me what I spent my money on, so that could save a step.

I think a tailor could get the wrinkles out of the leather, thus making it saleable.
Oct. 22nd, 2013 07:53 pm (UTC)
I use Visa, but when I channel it through either Amazon or Paypal, Amazon or Paypal appears as the vendor, and Mint consigns it to shopping. In the parlance of the procurement and payment industry, I'm guessing that Mint and those giant vendors only pass Level 2 data back and forth. Level 3 is where you get detailed commodity codes. If I had to predict, I'd say that Level 3 data will appear in Mint eventually.

I'm sure a tailor or cleaner could render the red jacket presentable. I think I'll let the consignment shop take care of that--I imagine they get bulk rates.
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