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A conversation about Serenity

The following scene took place this evening.


"What's 'Serenity'?" my teenage niece asks.

"It's the movie based on 'Firefly'. You know, that show I made you watch, and you were kind of bored, because it was a space show and you don't like space shows?"

"The Joss Whedon one after 'Angel'? I wasn't bored. I liked it."

(She was so bored. Doesn't even remember Wash and his dinosaurs. Fact is, her younger sister has recently made "Firefly" her own, and Big Sis wants in on the action.)

"Well," I continue, "they're making a movie out of it, and I get to see a sneak preview tomorrow night, and who knows? Joss himself might even be there."

"Really?!" That has her undivided attention.

"Yeah. Well, one of the stars, or Joss."

"God, wouldn't it be awesome if it was Joss?"

"Yes," I say, disguising my pride in her genius. "Yes it would." I add in my best Mal-to-Kaylee voice, "So...wanna see the trailer?"


I launch the trailer and turn the laptop her way. My niece watches, rapt. She laughs at Jayne and Wash. She says, "Oooh, I like her!" about River-in-the-rafters. She laughs at Mal and the fan. She looks at me with eyes shining when it's over and says, "There's nothing about that movie that doesn't look totally awesome!"

"Wanna watch it again?"


The second time through, she's saying the lines as they come up.

The third time, she's got it memorized. "Oh, that is so cool! I can't wait to see the movie!"

"Tell your friends. We need to pack those theaters on opening weekend."

"How come?"

"Because opening weekend will determine whether there's a sequel."

The kid can squee. I now have proof. "Eeee! There's gonna be a sequel?!"

"It's gonna be a trilogy. Then we'll get the TV show back. Maybe. So tell your friends."

"I wanna watch the whole series first."

Heh-heh-heh. No problem, kid. *makes mental note to order her a DVD set of her own*

She'll have her whole high school there on opening day. I'm so proud.


May. 5th, 2005 02:01 pm (UTC)
Amazing the expressions you find when going through a bit of film frame by frame. The closed eyes and the candle together in the same frame suggested prayer, and what would Nathan be praying for? Same thing as me, of course! (If, as you say, I had a god.)



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