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14/30 Conundrum

Apparently my "estate" isn't worth the estate sale I was all gung-ho to have. The estate-sale lady basically said, "Meh, you're not worth the trouble."

Which I don't actually take personally--she needs $6000 worth of stuff (in garage-sale dollars) to make it worth her while. I and my tiny little no-attic, one-heirloom, one-person, one-life house don't come up to that bar--particularly since I've got the place pretty decently decluttered to begin with.

So I ordered two new windows (I mean, replacements for existing places where light comes in, not new holes in walls) and maybe I can get that empty-room, fresh-start feeling I was so excited about in some more gradual way.

I'm afraid it's going to involve Craigslist and eBay. I was hoping to avoid those things. :(

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Sep. 18th, 2013 12:58 pm (UTC)
Helas! But if there's not all-that-much to sell, you could do a one-day sale yourself and have the Salvation Army pick up the leftovers.

Here, have a nice cheerful New York Times article:

New York Today: 7 Million Miles


Sometimes the city seems like a sea of blue bicycles.Michael Nagle for The New York TimesSometimes the city seems like a sea of blue bicycles.

Updated 8:21 a.m. | Seven million miles seems like a pretty good distance.

It’s the equivalent of nearly 15 round trips to the moon.

It is also, city officials said now say, how far people have ridden on Citi Bikes since the bike-share program made its debut on Memorial Day.

Despite early snags and complaints about those space-hogging racks, the blue bikes seem to have become part of the streetscape.

Other stats: riders have taken 3.35 million trips on the bikes. Nearly 300,000 memberships have been sold.

As impressive as the figures are, cycling advocates say they could be a lot better.

“The number we want is zero,” said Paul Steely White, the head of Transportation Alternatives. “As in zero New Yorkers with a Citi Bike station farther than a short walk away.”
Sep. 18th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
I've been gleefully following the progress of the Citibike program, and it's very exciting. We're getting bikeshare in Portland soon. I don't see myself using it, because of course I'm already on my own bike pretty much wherever I go, but if bikeshare means fewer cars in the central city, it will be fantastic.

I don't think I'd have any problem unloading my stuff, per se, but I'm not sure I'm ready to face putting on my own sale and dealing with, you know, actual people. We'll see.
Sep. 19th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
How frustrating! I get their point, but still. Maybe they know someone who could handle a smaller sale like yours, even if they won't do it themselves?
Sep. 19th, 2013 05:24 pm (UTC)
I asked her for a reference, but none was forthcoming. Seems like a great business opportunity for someone inclined in that direction, huh?
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