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07/30: I'm having a 90s attack

I don't know what's come over me. I got the urge to watch Dawson's Creek a couple of weeks ago. I have no clear idea why. I resisted for a while, and then bam, I got out my otherwise-completely-useless tablet the other day, logged into my rarely-used Netflix account, and hit Season 1, Episode 1.

I've been binge-watching ever since.

Despite being way too old for it even at when it aired, I loved it. Not in a fannish way--I never felt the least desire to ship anyone or read fic--but I found it engaging, funny, and touching and I never missed an ep. It was like an internal do-over for my own youth. Those kids got to say all the things I wish I'd been able to say when I was that age. It was cathartic.

It's held up rather well over the 15 years since it debuted. I'm amazed at how many specific scenes (with specific songs) I remember vividly, and at how satisfying it is to see them again and find that they're as good as I remembered. And rewatching the early episodes knowing how the story ends is surprisingly moving.

I guess as vices go, a binge rewatch of Dawson's Creek is pretty tame. But I'm having fun.

Oh, and look who guest-starred in one of the first episodes:
screenshot of Ian Bohen from a 1998 episode of Dawson's Creek
Can you say "Uncle Peter before he became a psychopath"?

EDITED ON JUNE 11 TO ADD A NOTE TO SELF: The binge-watching was a clue that I'd already been triggered for the big breakdown of June 9.

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