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The Adam Lambert increment

It's now three years since I started riding a bike. At first, every day brought new developments: I got a little faster, a little stronger, a little steadier. I expanded my remit to include almost all my transportation.

But there's only so much transportation a gal needs, and I had no interest in adding hours or miles just for exercise. Boring! So the curve leveled off and improvements stopped coming.

Then a few weeks ago I bought Adam Lambert's Trespassing after hearing "Better Than I Know Myself", and I liked it so much that I started listening to it on my way to work. (I have a lot to say about Adam Lambert's music, but for now let it suffice that it's waking-up music for me, and represents everything that's newly fun and interesting in my life after a long, long climb out of a music-less depression.)

And then I just started pedaling to the beat.

Now, Adam Lambert's music has a lot of "Okay, go!" moments in it, where it backs off, cranks up, and then bombs forward with a driving beat. It's inherently engaging and exciting. And when I'm stopped at a red light and it turns green right when one of those moments comes along, I'm all, "Okay, go!" and, being kind of a perfectionist, I want to hit that downbeat, and to hit that downbeat I have to pedal harder, and to keep the beat I have to gear up, and pretty soon I'm really putting my ass into it and...

...holy moley, it's an improvement. Once again, faster, stronger, and a ton of previously-unexploited cardio, plus BUTT MUSCLES.

So, Adam, bless you and your stunning voice. You made me wanna listen to music again. And pedal my ass off.

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