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My Blackest Black dyeing experiment went pretty well, though it'd be a lot less work next time to just buy new stuff when my black clothes become too faded for real Dressing Your Truth Type 4 purity.

A black denim jacket and black jeans, faded and with white edges
Before, with white edges and a rusty cast

A black denim jacket and black jeans after over-dyeing with Blackest Black dye
After, with darkened edges and a fairly uniform black cast.

Because I spend a minimum of an hour a day on Eleanor O the Dutch Bike, I thought I'd better Bike My Truth along with Dressing My Truth. Fortunately, Eleanor is already black and white, but my helmet was All Wrong. So I spray painted it.

My Nutcase Helmet in matte taupe

My Nutcase helmet spray-painted chrome
After--after being spray painted chrome and then knocked around for several weeks. Man! It's time for a new helmet.

I've built up my Dressing Your Truth Type 4 wardrobe over the last couple of months by frequenting the discount stores and taking advantage of summer clearance sales. The beauty of a unified wardrobe system is that the mix-and-match quotient is very high, so it doesn't take as many pieces to give a wide choice of outfits.

To give you an idea of how much this system has changed my wardrobe and my look, here were my previous two wardrobes, occupying my closet concurrently:

A heap of soft, subtle clothes and accessories in muted colors
My "Don't be too showy at your age" selection--pure Type 2, had I but known.

A heap of strong, dynamic clothes and accessories in rich, shaded colors
Colors too warm for my personality--very Type 3, which I have a bit of, but not this much.

A grouping of garments in pure black, pure white, and strong saturated hues of red, orange, blue, green, yellow and purple, with silver jewelry and black and white accessories
The Type 4 wardrobe: structured, reflective, saturated, pristine, bold, and striking.

Apart from black and white, there isn't a color in that heap that I've worn or looked twice at since I was a little kid, and suddenly here I am wearing royal blue and chili pepper red and kelly green and yellow ferchrissakes. It's very strange, but damned if it doesn't suit me. I'm putting outfits together every day that excite me and make me feel vibrant and alive.

And it's not just my imagination: somebody at the office last week, encountering me in front of the restroom mirrors fixing my magenta lipstick, asked, "Have you fallen in love lately or something?"

Ha ha. Only with these tights (Hue, from Macy's--I bought almost every color they had):
DarkEmeralds legs in brilliant orange opaque tights

I'm really having fun. And I'm working on some actual pictures of myself before and after Dressing Your Truth.

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