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Still, chill, without a frill

I've made some progress towards Dressing My Truth, without actually overburdening my one and only credit card (much).

The program suggests a 30-day trial using what you already own before giving away everything in your closet. That gives you time to develop your eye, test the system, and not be completely, obsessively rash make informed decisions.

So I haven't given away my complete Type 2 and Type 3 wardrobes yet, but they're in bags in the giveaway closet, and so far I'm not looking backwards because the Type 4 style is really working well for me.

A heap of soft, subtle clothes and accessories in muted colors
My Type 2 Wardrobe: the "Don't be too showy at your age" selection designed not to make too much of a statement.

A heap of strong, dynamic clothes and accessories in rich, shaded colors
My Type 3 Wardrobe--not not me, but I'll admit that the colors are too warm for my personality.

DarkEmeralds in a pure-blue top with silver jewelry.
This is an early foray into the Type 4 look.

Color isn't the whole of the matter, but it's a big part. I've never worn that shade of blue before, and I find that I feel good in it. Pure white, pure black, and pure hues, though not what I think of as "elegant," actually do work for me, much to my surprise.

When I say "work for me," I mean not only that I like what I see in the mirror, but I like the way people react to me. I feel much less armored and much more naturally strong, if that makes sense. Like I'm looking out at the world from a position of inner authority, and the world is looking back at me in the same light. It's...truer, somehow.

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