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More unusual things

[personal profile] roseambr came down out of the mountains to visit me today.

We talked for a long time over tea and lime cookies with whoops-too-green icing, while the vile weather gradually improved.

Too green

Our conversations are almost never purely mundane: even when we both worked in the World's Tallest Basement and took frequent, ridiculously long coffee breaks together, we never ran out of serious spiritual subjects to talk about.

Today was no exception. We caught up with my Self-Improvement Moratorium and the most recent leg of her journey up from some difficulties. We discussed the energetic interaction between people and the electronic devices to which they're emotionally attached. And then we tried out the Healing Codes.

The Healing Codes are a new energy method that I've been experimenting with. It's good stuff; purports to remove unconscious long-term stress by clearing negative memories and false beliefs from the deepest cellular levels of the body, after which the body is better able to heal itself. The Healing Codes use some qigong-like energy directed from the fingers to places around the head and neck. You can feel it happening. It's very interesting.

Then, feeling uplifted and connected and Sourced up, we turned our thoughts to some lunch. Lily, [personal profile] roseambr's iPad (to which she is quite attached), pointed us to Tin Shed Garden Café, where they "believe that energy travels through food: not just caloric, but spiritual energy."

Well heck yeah. Let's go there. So we set out on foot.

First, there were the crows. Big, shiny ones. They swooped down across our path, one after the other, while the Boss Crow cawed directions from the top of a nearby spruce.

Then, Shoulder Cat. She came prancing up, longhaired and white, but with a tabby-striped brown tail and a tabby-striped patch above one green eye, as if she was made out of beautiful spare cat parts. [personal profile] roseambr bent to pet her. Then I bent to pet her and she climbed up my arm, perched on my shoulders, and pressed her flank repeatedly against my left ear, purring.

Then, the ring. Once Shoulder Cat could be persuaded to get down, we walked on, and a few steps later something shiny went rolling across the sidewalk in front of my feet. I picked it up. It was a copper ring. I put it on.

Copper band
Plumbing part? Or magic sign?

Next came the art. The Tin Shed had art for sale on the walls. One piece showed crows and a magic tree, so I bought it.

A small painting of a tree, some crows, two large magical white birds, and a little girl watering flowers
Print on plexiglass by Lucia Johnson

As we ate, [personal profile] ravurian sent a photo of The Shard from London Bridge Station, so I sent him one of the inside of the Tin Shed. Connected! To the world! \o/

Roseambr, coffee, tablets and some sunshine at the Tin Shed Garden Cafe
Honest. We did not spend our meal over our devices. We talked.

The other cats came next. On the way home, every cat ran out to greet us. We were the Copper-Be-ringed Energy-handed Pied Cat Pipers of Northeast 14th Avenue.

Then at last there was the sign.

A brass sign affixed to a solid wooden fence next to a house in Northeast Portland. The sign says BELIEVE.

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