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On a more amusing note...

The newspaper article briefly on screen in the opening moments of Sherlock 2.3 is hilarious. Bad props! Bad!

Shelock Holmes of Baker Street has been investigating the art crime simply as a hobby, and yet he was able to follow the trail that lead him to the famous work - a trail that Scotland Yard missed completely. Sherlock has gained a cult following following the publication of his website The Science of Deduction, but the number of hits...

The same crime correspondent, Janette Owens, wrote the next masterpiece, too:

Sherlock Holmes was last night being hailed a hero yet again for masterminding the daring escape of the kidnapped man. Scotland Yard had to secretly bring in their special weapon (in the form of Mr Holmes) yet again. The case has drawn a huge amount of attention as the nation became divided about the outcome of the kidnapping. Bankers are certainly not the nations sweethearts any-more, but Mr Holmes certainly seems to be.

LOL. I guess for something that only the most "focused fan" is going to notice, there's not much need for a sense of authenticity.

There's a mention of Sherlock finding the banker's empty briefcase and clothes, and then, in a nice bit of nearly imperceptible foreshadowing, these faint (and still laughably non-journalistic) words fly past:

In this most remarkable case, it was revealed by Scotland Yard that the case was planted by Mr Holmes himself as part of his grand scheme to discover where the man was being held. Incredibly, the whole case bore strange similarities to the Reichenbach [...] which made Sherlock Holmes a household name.

There's an ad below that totally non-editorial article for 0% APR. LOL.

And oh, this is bad: Janette Owens next writes In a twist worthy of a Conan Doyle novella, Mr Sherlock Holmes yesterday was revealed to be an expert witness at the trial of 'Jim' Moriarty. She says the trail has all the elements of a blockbuster film: The royal family, Scotland yard, the world of finance and greed, the 'underclass' of prisoners out to reek revenge as they enjoy their own fifteen minutes of freedom.

*eyeroll* Revenge doesn't reek. It's sweet, right?

Other notes:

"Henry Fishguard never committed suicide. Bow Street Runners. Missed everything." I can't find that there's a historical Henry Fishguard with or without an unsolved crime, but the line is another interesting little bit of foreshadowing.

Moriarty is wonderfully, engagingly creepy and weird, isn't he? I like his pearl-grey suit.

Okay, back to re-re-re-watching the ep.

Also just-showered, wet-hair John is really pretty adorable. And I love how many bikes are parked outside the Diogenes Club. Hah. As if.

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