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Not the Same As The Old Boss

They fired my boss today.

He called us into an all hands meeting and dropped the bomb into a shocked silence. Only a couple of people in the room had the faintest idea that this was coming, and I certainly wasn't one of them. There were tears. It's possible that a couple of them even sprang to my own eyes.

Now, I've had my quibbles with him, notably around the steady, unspoken pressure to work extra hours. But he's been an extraordinary manager in many ways. Under his leadership, I've probably stretched to more achievement and knowledge than I have in any other job. He's been instrumental in shifting the fossilized bureaucracy I work for towards 21st century technology and management standards. It's been exciting to be part of that.

His dismissal seems to be of the honorable bailout variety, rather than the "take your hands off the keyboard and come with us, sir" kind. Nevertheless, it was not voluntary and not happy. He announced at 3:00 and was gone by 5:00. It's pretty clear that this is political pissing-in-the-corners by some of the new brass. Scapegoating. Something like that.

He wasn't free to say who's been appointed in his place (and NOBODY on my longstanding grapevine around the place had a clue), but "appointed" is the key word. They're going to use the position as a political favor to someone, and it's obvious from the short timeline that they haven't gone hunting for expertise in the field of high-tech project management.

We'll Meet The New Boss at a 9:00 tomorrow. Gonna be an interesting day.

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