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Fat city

My doctor--who is young and hip and up on the latest in nutrition--says that a woman my age (presumably with my particular body makeup and health history) should be aiming to get 75% of her calories from fat.*

Me, I'm Jack Sprat's wife. I like rich and high-fat foods and I do well on them. I've got no inclination to be a vegetarian. My blood lipid counts are healthy, my blood pressure is healthy, and my BMI is moving healthy-ward. I have no reason to fear a high-fat diet, and good reason to embrace it. So this dietary advice sounded like angels singing.

But getting 75% of your calories from fat, it turns out, is harder than it seems. Organic butter and cream are all very well (gorgeous, in fact), but with almost no room for carbs and none for sugar, that leaves...

...well, buttered broccoli.

Okay, it's more varied than that, but you get the idea. This isn't a high-fat diet that's also high in everything else. It's eating some reasonable number of calories, of which three-quarters come from fat, and only 25% come from protein and carbs. The fat and protein are supposed to be organic, preservative-free, grass-fed, cold-pressed, extra-virgin, raw, and other prefixes that mean Quite Expensive.

It's not, alas, french fries and donuts.

The closest I've come is about 68% fat, and sugar remains a problem, but the nearer I get to adherence the better I feel. My stomach is calm, my digestion is quiet, and (this surprised me, given that I eat a lot of dairy) my sinuses have cleared considerably.

My energy is even all day long and I don't have cravings. I feel strong, I feel solid, I feel nourished.

So despite a lifetime of FAT IS BAD messages, I'm going to stick with this. It seems to be good for me.

*I hope I don't need to emphasize that this is specific advice from my doctor to me, and not a recommendation to others. But just in case: this is specific advice from my doctor to me, and not a recommendation to others.

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