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It's been a very colorful autumn

Last night a goodish storm of the south-wind-and-drenching-rain variety knocked most of the leaves off most of the trees around here.

It didn't dampen the Occupy spirit, however, and though the Occupiers have been evicted from the backyard of the World's Tallest Basement (aka my place of employment), they've continued to march and chant every day in the downtown streets. The police so far have presented a vigilant and sort of rigidly non-violent presence alongside the marchers.

In a peculiarly Portland moment, I was riding westward across the bike-and-pedestrian-only lower deck of the Steel Bridge this morning while a very vocal Occupy protest more or less blocked the upper car deck. A guy had stationed himself about mid-span on the lower deck and was bangin' with drumsticks on the bridge railing and a couple of pots. He was keeping time with the rhythmic chanting of the protesters above. Cyclists, including me, were ringing their bike bells in time to the percussion as they sailed past. It had a kind of gleeful, sonic solidarity to it.

It's been colorful.

A small, bright green and purple house with a blazing golden autumn tree next to it, Portland Oregon
Autumn in the 'hood.

Police in riot gear wait for the arriving Occupy march in Waterfront Part, Portland, on a damp fall day
Waiting for the march

A pair of purple gloves lying in a field of fallen red and orange sycamore leaves in Waterfront Park, Portland Oregon
My gloves

An Occupy march down 5th Avenue in Portland, flanked by neon-vested bike police, seen from the 14th floor of the Portland Building
Bird's Eye Occupy

A pumpkin perched on a log in the middle of the Willamette River with downtown Portland across the water in the background
A propos de rien, a Halloween picture.

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