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Diet day 328

The trip from which I just returned has proven to me that while travel is broadening, it's not necessarily fattening. I lost three pounds while getting almost no exercise and eating whatever the hell I felt like, as much as I wanted, whenever the urge struck me, for three weeks.

Three pounds is about as much as I would have expected to lose sticking to my exercise and eating plan here at home over the same length of time.

I'm not yet prepared to say, "Hey! Weight loss magic! I don't need to to that diet stuff anymore!" because for one thing, I really missed my exercise, and for another, I was beginning to feel the ill effects of random eating after three weeks. But this unexpected weight loss does get me thinking about the power of stress.

In a nutshell, my job and home life were like a pressure cooker, sealing up my energy and sort of condensing me. It wasn't till I left it behind and then came back after a long enough break that I could feel it. It's like being so densely packed that nothing can move.

Travel has its stressors, of course: connections, money, schedules, culture and language barriers, getting lost--stuff like that. But in a foreign environment, I deal with the stress by being sharp and open and alert. Energy moves. Whereas at home I en-cave myself pretty thoroughly, despite going to Zumba and riding a bike. Different predators, I suppose.

I'm not sure where I'll go from here with my weight loss. I guess I don't have to decide today.

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