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Diet Day 276

It's been a little over nine months since I began this trek of losing a lot of weight.

Back in October, I figured I had about 70 lbs to lose. After a few weeks, I revised that to 100.

One thing that quickly became clear is that there's no such thing as an "ideal weight," even taking age, height and body-build into consideration. I've lost 60 pounds now, so I can triangulate better on my own personal weight goal.

I was wrong about needing to lose 70 pounds. I'm in better condition than I was when I started, so the difference between muscle and excess fat is clearer and I can easily grab and shake at least ten unwanted pounds between my navel and my thighs alone. More between thigh and knee.

On the other hand, I was wrong about needing to lose 100 pounds: I just don't see where 40 more pounds could come from.

So at the moment I'm aiming to lose 25 pounds more, and realizing that this could take another nine months. The hardest part of this whole thing has been finding patience--not stressing madly over every little plateau, not holding myself to ridiculous timelines or trying to exercise the weight off faster--and I'm still developing it.

The easiest part, surprisingly, has been the "diet". I don't see myself making any significant changes to it ever again. I eat what I want, and trot out the willpower only very rarely, when I get a crazy craving. Daily weigh-ins and reasonably-faithful calorie tracking make it clear when I need to check myself, long before the fit of my clothes would give me a clue.

The most fun part? The clothes. Or maybe the Zumba. I'm not sure.

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