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It hurts a bit

I...hardly know what's come over me.

First it was a trial Zumba class. Then it was Zumba twice a week. Then I signed up for a year's membership commitment at All About ME Fitness because it was cheaper than paying separately for Zumba twice a week.

The membership comes with a free consultation and two free sessions with a personal trainer, so this evening I met with Rebecca. Rebecca is a tiny dynamo of a sports and fitness professional. She sold me a dozen personal training sessions with a guy named James, and these will commence on Friday night.

Rebecca showed me how to roll on top of a foam cylinder thingy to release the extreme tightness of my left iliotibial band. That extreme tightness, she said, is probably caused by my particular style of bike-riding, and is, in turn, causing weight-bearing Zumba moves to crank my left knee into swelling and pain. The foam cylinder thingy will actually help my knee. Who knew?

Rebecca said it would hurt a bit.

"I don't want to sound too strange or anything," I replied, "but I'm actually fine with pain."

"Most people who're committed to working out are a little bit masochistic," Rebecca commented.

All righty then.

The foam cylinder thingy hurt like a motherfucker.

ME Fitness is a ten minute bike ride from home, about 35 from work. Good thing it's a nice place, because apparently I'm going to be rearranging my life considerably to I can spend bunch of time and money there.

Why? Good question. I'm not sure how different my reasons are this time from last time (which was in the 90s, when I was in my 30s). I'm more motivated by health, mobility and strength than I was at 35, and considerably less by qualifying in the attractive-to-men stakes, but I'd be lying if I claimed that some general notion of attractiveness wasn't in my mind.

Also? Resistance training is supposed to trigger the metabolism in a way that cardio can't, and I'm tired of this plateau.

Or maybe it's just masochism.

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