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It's the weather, stupid. Not reality.

My present case of Extreme Boredom of the Brain is very difficult to account for by means of psychology. My life is good, and nothing in it has changed in the last day or so. There's no "reason" for this awful state. Besides, everyone I know seems to be in it.

Then I remember to turn my attention to my body--instead of to my circumstances--and that's when I notice a pressure behind my eyes. Someone less macho about pain than I am might say it hurts.

I check the forecast. Rain, wind, thunder, showers, rain, storms, rain. The barometer is going up. I wander over and look out a window--blue skies outlined with big white clouds, and you can just feel the next storm coming.

It's the weather, stupid. Not reality. You feel terminally bored because your head is fuzzy, and your head is fuzzy because atmospheric pressure is playing "March April" on its accordion over the Pacific Northwest. It has nothing to do with a sudden and meaningful turn in the affairs of my life.

The solution? I'm thinking more coffee.

See how simple that was?


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Mar. 29th, 2005 11:01 pm (UTC)
You should be a guru or something man. That was deep. And highly accurate given I've been whining about boredom my own sad self.

So a trip to a tropical island would solve all of our problems right?
Mar. 29th, 2005 11:27 pm (UTC)
It certainly solved several of Locke's.
Mar. 29th, 2005 11:30 pm (UTC)
Do you think that could be it, because while I wouldn't say my life is currently a yawning pit of despair, there's certainly a measure of not so much the happy joy joy going on. Maybe it's the weather. Yes- I say it's the weather. So be it.

Thanks! ;)
Mar. 30th, 2005 12:34 am (UTC)
Sorry you're in the gaping maw. And truly, I don't mean to be flip about the weather thing. Here in Portland, it's a major issue--as I think it is across much of the northern temperate zone this time of year. I've noticed lots of people LJ-ing about their crappy state of mind, and frankly I find psychological explanations hollow.

So I go back to the basics (when I remember to--when I'm not so bought into the "state" that my whole reality is despair and hopelessness) and check the barometer. (Enter your zip code in the middle of the page.)

Then I check that I'm getting enough water. I'm on the strict side about eating--rarely touch "corporate food"--but I check my diet too.

And it's the damnedest thing! Mom was right: take a walk, have a good meal, be sure you're warm and comfy, get to bed early, and I feel better.

None of it "cures" despair. But it's all good stuff to do instead of giving in psychologically to what I'm 98% sure is a purely physical state--one that evaporates pretty fast if I haven't dived into it with my whole heart and soul.

I should have a "gaping maw" icon.
Mar. 30th, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
my yawning cat has a gaping maw. But he's still cute.
Mar. 30th, 2005 06:12 am (UTC)
Aw! Good idea. I'm gonna look for a yawning kitty picture.
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