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Supernatural's stinging meta

If it weren't for vampirefan and our longstanding tradition of chatwatching Supernatural, I don't think I'd have the nerve to face this week's meta episode. I mostly hated the previous ones, and there they only played around with fanfic and fan conventions.

...Ooookay. That wasn't as horrific as I feared--I mean, on the hide-face-and-hope-it-goes-away scale of fourth-wall breakage and fandom meta. On the "THEY KILLED WHO????" scale it was mind-boggling. That they left Misha, Kripke, Singer, and whoever else lying shot to death was just...I don't know.

Kripke's "concern" about dead Misha was pretty funny.

So, is it just me, or have they hired some new sound editor in the last few episodes who loves noisy, noisy noise pollution in the background of every scene? Man, the noise is annoying. What IS that?

I enjoyed having just seen Misha's tweets before watching the episode where he tweeted them. Kind of a nice little mind-bender.

As long as you're going to jump the shark this way, I guess you might as well cop to the sixth-season blues.

The "reveal" that the guy Sam and Dean think is Castiel is really just Misha fucking with them was fun.

Dear Genevieve: let your mascara do the acting for you more often. It's pretty good.

I admit it: I laughed at the way Sam and Dean tried to get some private discussion and prep time, and "Cliff" and "Bob" seemed to think that "Jared and Jensen" were making up their differences in the good old fashioned way. No clue where the "differences" were supposed to be coming from.

Jared's house is hilariously tasteless. The cowboy photo is the best thing ever, and I hope it came from the upcoming cowboy episode.

As to the actual story? Not a fucking clue. To track it, I'd have to a) care what Raphael and Balthazar have been doing, b) remember things about weapons and staves of Moses and stuff that I really can't keep track of, and c) rewatch and be able to focus on anything but the burning meta in this ep. So if anyone wants to fill me it, that'd be great.

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