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Shopping in my closet

After discovering that the Interim Holy Grail jeans fit today, I got really daring and decided to try on some other stuff from the back of my closet.

Photograph of clothing posed as a person sitting on a couch, showing brown leather shoes, blue jeans, a brown leather jacket, a white shirt, a red handbag, and a red and brown scarf
The only things in this outfit that fit me a month ago were the scarf, the purse, and the suitcase. Today everything fit--jeans, leather jacket, starched off-white shirt, and shoes--so I test-wore it all (minus the suitcase) to Ikea, then, finding that it worked well, I took some pictures of it.

Only five minutes after taking the pictures, I walked back into the living room and about had a heart palpitation because for a second, in my mind, there was this very grandiose-sized person lounging on my couch.

(It's startling, really, for me to see how large I am. I don't mean fatness, just...bigness. I forget, most of the time. But those jeans and shoes really painted the picture for me: I contain multitudes, etc.)

The outfit worked so well and felt so close to my native style that I put it back on for a second set of errands, this time by bike. It would have looked great on Clyde, who is Red with a capital Red, but big weekend grocery shopping calls for the sturdier talents of Eleanor O, who is black and white, so I was not quite as cycle chic as I could've wished.

But the very idea that I can approach "cycle chic" (with disclaimers for being up in years and still quite heavy) is thrilling me down to my big, happy toes.

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