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Diet: Day 100

The straight black denim skirt I'm wearing today, the orange long-sleeve t-shirt, the fuchsia boiled-wool jacket, the purple quilted fur-collared coat, the black tights, and the black peau-de-soie high heels are all items that were too snug for me two weeks ago--some of them unwearably so.

(This outfit, by the way, worked very well for cycling.)

All but the fuchsia jacket have been hanging in my closet or reposing in my accessory drawer for ages, being too nice even to sacrifice to Project Empty.

[personal profile] blueraccoon said that I could expect my feet to get a little smaller, and it only makes sense, but I didn't expect it quite so soon. These heels actually feel all right! There was a long period there where my feet kind of puffed out of them. (When I think about all the beautiful shoes I did get rid of in Project Empty, I just...well, I just have to buy newer, more fashionable ones!)

And I got a fantastic compliment this morning. A total stranger with no point of reference (i.e., to my frumpy knit trousers and ill-fitting shapeless jackets) said, "You have so much style! Seeing you has just made my day." (It was mutual, I assured her.)

There's lots more closet-shopping to come. I realized, riffling through the rack this morning, just how many pairs of jeans and good-looking jackets I preserved from my pre-ultra-large days, and most of them are in the doesn't-really-go-out-of-style category (or, put another way, the I'm-old-enough-not-to-give-a-damn, quality-is-quality category).

There's this one jacket, a men's leather bomber from Banana Republic circa about 1992, that is my Holy Grail. When that thing fits again, I'm havin' a party.

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