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Still figuring out the pattern

After feeling terribly, dully hungry for a couple of days, and getting some great tips about higher-satiety foods, I went home last night and ate a potato. Very, very satisfying and filling.

This satiety thing is new to me. Before, when I just kept eating whatever I was eating till I felt full, satiety took care of itself. Of course, I was gaining at least ten pounds a year, too.

But now satiety is a valuable piece of information. I took it into account in making both my breakfast (eight-grain hot cereal) and my lunch (featuring brown rice) today, and I noticed a real improvement in my level of comfort.

Because our weather has turned suddenly springlike, I was motivated to go out and ride Eleanor O at lunchtime. I set out to get some tea, but found myself passing Hanna Andersson, which was fortuitous, because my oldest niece is on the verge of becoming a mother, and there's a shower tomorrow, and there I was! Baby-clothes land! This is honestly the first time in my whole life that I've ever bought baby clothes.

(They're cute, baby clothes are. I got this and this.)

Livestrong has a nice tool called Loops where you can enter your run, ride or walk route on Google Maps, and it will measure the calorie burn based on your current weight, your speed, and all the elevation gains in your route. When I got back to the office I logged my lunchtime ride, and lo and behold it burned up pretty much a whole meal's worth of cals.

And what's more, instead of making me feel ravenous, it made me feel less hungry. I'm going to start giving myself goal points for lunchtime rides. What a great way to multi-task: get out of the office, exercise, get some fresh air, do some shopping, control my appetite, burn extra calories, listen to podfic, have a better afternoon, and discover cool stores that I've never been in--it's awesome!

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