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I had my six-week haircut yesterday, and today I rode the bus to work for the first time in about as long. Both were great opportunities to measure what's changed since the last time I had either experience.
  • For the first time since I began the steady climb up to my top weight three or four years ago, I saw my own face in the well-lighted hair salon mirror. It's an older face, but there they were: cheekbones!
  • My short-short haircut--the same one Doug's been giving me for half a year now--looked for the first time the way I imagined it, because it was atop the face I originally imagined wearing it.
  • I had more leg-room on the bus. Put another way, I was taking up less butt-room behind. And the seats seemed considerably wider, too. No touching the seat-neighbor.
  • And this: getting off the bus was pain-free. No creaky hip, no trick knee. I bounced down the steps and onto the sidewalk, and strode across the street, smooth and easy. Vim, I tell you! Vigor!
  • Similarly, I dropped something on my kitchen floor last night and was easily able to get right down there and look around for it--an activity which has been nearly inaccessible to me for some time now.

On those last two bullet-points: I don't think weight-loss is a cure for everything, but the evidence is beginning to suggest, at least in my case, that it's a cure for a lot of the creeping reduction in ability that I was beginning to accept--problems that vigorous exercise, at least six hours a week for more than a year, did not help solve at all so long as I continued doing it at my high weight.

There's confirmation bias out the wazoo here, but I feel like my excess weight truly has been having all the negative impact on my wellbeing that the experts say it does.

This assessment has been brought to you by [personal profile] darkemeralds's attempt to be fully conscious about what's what.

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