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Get Excited and Make Things!

Happy New Year everybody. Quite by happenstance, I spent the first day of 2011 being excited and making things, and I hope that's how 2011 is going to be.

roseambr is an accomplished glass artist, and she's been wanting to lure me into her hobby for a long time. So today I went up to her studio in the woods of southwestern Washington and we started making dinner plates.

My pattern and a first cut:
Photograph of a pattern sheet of Fibonacci squares, with one green glass piece already cut

Some more of the puzzle:
Photograph of a pattern sheet of Fibonacci squares, with green, blue and purple pieces cut and fitted.
roseambr did all the real work, while I handed her tools, filed razor-like cut edges, cleaned the pieces, and probably drove her nuts with my hovering. Also, I did the design and bought most of the glass, though we raided her stock, too, and I'm gonna owe her a few bucks.

The assembled design in the kiln, ready for first firing:
Photo of an assembled Fibonacci squares plate, inside a glass kiln

The Skutt!
Photo of the Skutt Glass Kiln

The kiln was up to 93F by the time we left the studio. It will get up to something like 1400F, which will fuse the pieces of glass to each other, and to their base of clear glass. Assuming all goes well, the fused and cooled flat piece will go into a slumping mold for a second firing that will melt it into a square plate with raised corners and a flat bottom.

This is a ridiculously costly way to get a dinner plate, and I can't say it's something that makes a lot of sense. Glass for four 10" plates was well over $150, and that's not counting the significant electricity required for firing each plate twice (not to mention wear and tear on all the tools that roseambr already owns.

No, this is hobby, passion, creativity, and that great feeling that comes from making something from scratch.

Also, Jesus:

Photo of a church stained glass window in progress with an image of the face of Jesus
roseambr's doing some commission work for a church, and because she and I are both pretty much complete atheists, I'm afraid I had more fun than was seemly with Jesus in Pieces. He has eyes in the top of his head! Kind of. The window, of which this is a but a very small section of one of the eight panels, is stunningly beautiful (and appropriately reverent).

Plate number 2 (same pattern, different arrangement of colors) goes into the Skutt tomorrow. Whee! I'm making plates!

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