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Turquoise walls as a food substitute

The declining trend of food consumption today crossed the rising trend of exercise, and I ran into a totally unanticipated problem: what the hell to do by bike on non-work days.

Normally I go to one of four grocery stores that I patronize for different reasons, the round trip totalling at least 45 minutes. Trouble is, I just don't need to buy groceries that often anymore. And I don't like riding my bike around for the hell of it--it works best for me if there's a practical purpose to it.

So today I found myself riding to Fred Meyer (the local everything store) and--get this--picking out paint chips. For a living-room repainting project that did not exist until an hour ago.

My inspiration?

Screen capture from Upstairs Downstairs 2010, showing cast and interior decor

Screen capture from Upstairs Downstairs 2010, showing cast and interior decor

(Heh. My whole house would fit in that entry hall with room to spare, I'm pretty sure. But I like the greeny blues and bluey greens. Might make a nice change.)

Anyway, as I was wandering around Fred's feeling admittedly a bit hungry, I began to imagine all I might eat, and I realized how much food I've bought and eaten over the years just to give myself a sense of purpose. Everything I could think to do by bike today involved buying, preparing or consuming food and drink. I could go to a cafe. I could bake. I could cook. I could pick up a bag of this or a box of that. It was all very tempting, and let me tell you, vegetables did not figure prominently in my visions.

It's a hazard of living alone and being rather solitary, I think. So many pleasant things I could reach by bike--movies, museums, sights, shopping--are unappealing alone. I need to find other destinations or get into a habit of riding my bike nowhere in particular for an hour, or else one of these unstructured days will find me diving head first into a bag of Cheetos.

I'd rather avoid that.

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