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Happy boobs

Some time ago, serenity_valley posted about correct bra fitting and the triumph of making that happen.

Her post contains some excellent links to further bra-fitting resources, and I highly recommend it if this is a subject of interest.

Now, I'm extremely unlikely to have a bra-fitting service performed in a shop or department store, what with one thing and another, but the information I got from serenity_valley's post allowed me to make some better choices on my own, and three months or so ago, I did the measurements as best I could, applied the principles, and ordered a couple of bras from The Avenue online.

They were a tremendous improvement over previous efforts, which I'd made based on the typical bad advice in which circumference of torso below the breasts equals band size, and the difference between that and the fullest part of the breasts indicates cup size. It doesn't.

Then I had this wild notion to try losing 40% of my body weight, and within six weeks, the brand-new bras that had been so comfortable and flattering were no longer either.

So I ordered anew, this time, with advice from shezan, from Cacique online (also carried in Lane Bryant stores, but the available range is better online).

Jackpot! I've got the low, snug back band that supports most of the weight, the wide-set straps neither slipping from nor digging into my shoulders, the no muffin-top sides, the cups smoothly and firmly containing all of the main event, and the center front resting neatly against my breastbone--all the main fitting points, just so. The improvement in the appearance of my shirts and sweaters is significant.

The surprising size required to achieve this miracle was one or two band sizes smaller than I would have thought, and about three cup sizes bigger. Color me amazed.

(Incidentally, Cacique was having a sale--which they seem to be doing most of the time--and my net price per bra was about $30.)

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