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What an excellent day it turned out to be!

After the little flurry of family angst yesterday, Christmas Day turned out to be perfectly splendid. The oh-so-casual beef dinner at Xmas-Sister's house was not only delicious (seriously, the best beef I've eaten in a long time, and home-grown green beans, plus mashed Yukon gold potatoes and a really good key lime cheesecake of which I had a sliver), but entirely relaxed and enjoyable, AND attended by all available local family members.

A little drama arose in getting there, but not of the family sort: the windshield wiper motor on my car gave up, and, since pouring rain was imminent, I had to locate a ZipCar somewhere in the neighborhood. This is harder than you'd think on Christmas Day.

I found one, however, and my mom and I made the crosstown journey without mishap in a cute little bright-blue Mazda. (Note to self: remember that your own car is still parked on that side street off Sandy Boulevard two miles from home.)

Here's a cool discovery about my Android-phone-whose-awesomeness-cannot-be-overstated: I used the Voice Navigation app because I always get lost in Xmas-Sister's part of town. I poked at my contact for her and instructed the app to get me there.

That it can do this is, in itself, a source of intense fascination to me.

The voice started giving me driving directions, and even I could tell that it was leading me a bit astray. Not far, but off.

We got there on our own after a couple of wrong-ish turns, and I felt a bit disenchanted by this failure of the navigation app within the city limits. Perhaps I'd entered Xmas-Sister's address wrong, I thought. So I checked my contact for her and lo and behold, I had never put a street address in it at all. "United States of America" was the only address field filled in. As near as I could figure, the app was doing its damnedest to get us to the home cellular tower for Xmas-Sister's phone number. Amazing.

I was dropping off the Zipcar by 6:50, so No-Xmas Sister and I went to have a look at some pretty Christmas lights...

Blurred image of a tree completely covered in tiny red Christmas lights
This is a tree absolutely covered in tiny red lights. Prettiest Christmas decoration I've seen in the whole city.

...and then I came home. I found a Hacker's Diet-compliant weight-loss tracking app for Android, and have been fiddling with it happily like a happy weight-losing geek all evening.

And to top it all off, I did not overeat today one bit. \o/

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