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Greetings from the flood zone

Boy am I glad I have a sound roof over my head today. It's pouring and hasn't stopped for close to twelve hours. From what family members tell me, the local TV news people are having a field day with terms like "biblical proportions". I can attest that water pouring off my roof is making a steady pounding noise in the downspout nearest the corner where I record, and preventing me from making any podfic today.

I managed to tap away my enormous food cravings last night after a week of significant work stress (augmented, frankly, by the endless rain), and opted for a long magnesium-rich bath in the BToR instead. Watched Misfits while in there. (Kelly rules, especially now that I'm beginning to understand what she says, and I'm so glad I wasn't a complete perv when I thought that Simon was kind of hot even in his creepy oddness because, yowza.)

I learned about exponential smoothing yesterday. I will tell you what it is from my "No, I Never Took Math After Middle School" perspective.

It's when you look at a series of data points that tend to fluctuate--in my case daily calories and daily weight--and instead of just averaging them out, like "average of the last 14 days," you give exponentially less weight to points farther in the past. It shows the way the data has built towards the present point, and allows for a certain degree of prediction.

Well, I put an exponential trend line on my daily calories and discovered that yes, my eating is edging upwards. Not upwards to weight-gaining levels, at least not yet, but I need to make a small adjustment, or it will. Plain old averaging wouldn't have shown me this for another couple of weeks.

Yay, math.

In other news, [personal profile] kis just this minute emailed me with a brilliant (I mean, brilliant) suggestion for cracking the impenetrable wall that Restraint Chapter 42 has been presenting to me for more than a week now. I'm so excited that I could almost start writing.

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