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DarkEmeralds's Personal Score Badge

(Heh. See what I did there with the subject line? As IF I would be writing about sports.)

This goal-tracking thing is having a good impact on my life. Long experience tells me that I won't keep it up indefinitely: I get bored, and lazy, and go into revolt against the machine, etc. But each time I've undertaken some discipline, some project, in the past, even after reversion I've ended up better off (by my own standards) than before.

The very first "goals" I wrote into Joe's Goals (they really aren't goals; more like transactions) were "Writing" (I get a point for every hour I spend writing fiction) and "Podfic" (a point for every half hour's recording or editing).

The result of those two has been that I got my Podbang entry in on time AND have smoothly transitioned into continuing work on Blue Skies From Rain, my super-max independent project, AND I got Restraint chapter 41 posted a bit early.

Another outcome is that I added "TV Watching" to the list of negatives: I pay two points for every show I watch--because how else am I going to find time to write and make podfic?

Well, last night, after podfic-making and house-tidying (because I do better work in a tidy environment), I really wanted to hand over a couple of points and watch Glee. So I did...between 11:30 PM and 12:30 AM...

...which meant I neither got eight hours' sleep (no points) nor got to work on time today (two points off for being more than 30 minutes late), a losing proposition all around.

In short, this particular method of self-quantifying has started to put the squeeze on low-priority activities and unwanted habits, and heighten the sense of reward I feel for doing the things I've identified as important.

Mind you, tonight is Supernatural, but I think I can spare a couple of points for my primary fandom.

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