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Rockin' the goal thing

DarkEmeralds's Personal Score Badge

I've added some goals to my little tracker at Joe's Goals, and I'm starting to get the feel of it.

Three work-related goals are making me feel much better. I get a checkmark worth a point for every day I arrive on time (that's been kind of a problem, what with all the fear and loathing). I get a point for reviewing my workplan before noon. And I get TWO points for every action item I complete. (That peak there on the right is me completing three things today \o/.)

Some other simple, motivational goals I've added are
  • Take supplements (one point for morning, one point for evening)
  • Bring lunch--a point per lunch
  • Do errands or visits by bike, a point apiece
  • Do an errand by car when I could reasonably have done it by bike: lose a point
  • Writing, two points for each hour
  • TV shows: sacrifice a point for every one I watch

The value of slicing big things up very fine is as apparent here as it was in my massive decluttering project (in fact, Joe's Goals would be a lovely decluttering-tracking tool). I can't "Lose 50 lbs" but I can "Stay within calorie limit." I can't "Be productive and efficient at work" but I can "Get to work by 9:00" and "Complete an action item". I don't want to "Quit watching TV," but this helps me make much better choices about what to spend my TV watching time on.

Areas I'm considering expanding into are reading, socializing in person (something I do very little of), and coffee (lose a point for some as-yet-undecided value of caffeine).

I'm finding it uplifting. I made an icon for it.

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