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What I'm learning from Norm

[personal profile] lamentables was generous enough to share some excellent insights this morning about how different working styles are rewarded differently in the workplace. She's helped me see my trying work situation much more clearly.

I can't say that I love what I'm seeing, but the clarity is good. Let me see...
  • Norm has forgotten that I have my own job to do in addition to learning his job
  • I seem to have become Norm's assistant. He doesn't know he's doing it. He assigns me little chores. Sigh.
  • He's begun speaking to me while I'm on the phone dealing with a situation in my own job, as if my own phone call doesn't really exist (or as if I'm just goofing around, talking to my pals)
  • Mr Workaholic thinks it's okay to eat his lunch while showing me stuff (sitting right next to me, leaning forward to point at my screen, chew chew chew OMG). I said, "Take a lunch break, Norm" and thank gog he did
All of this while dithering, slogging, telling me what he's going to tell me, over-explaining and generally making me want to go eat the Haagen Dazs factory.

Waah! I want to go home and curl up with John, Tristan, and either a rainstorm or mineral hot springs...

ETA: OMFG OMFG OMFG I was just about to shut down and leave when Norm came back to our cubicle. He's still talking. Telling me what he's going to tell me, going over what he's going to do, thinking out loud at me, ignoring me saying that I'm an hour late leaving and need to go home OMFG I AM GOING TO SCREAM.

I scream... Mmmm. Ice cream...

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