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Well, that was stressful

Every summer here, there's a day where you can suddenly feel fall coming--the light and shadow ratio is just-so and the air has a cool edge to it.

Usually that day is a little later in the season, but this year it was today, and it is splendid out. So I thought, hey, perfect for a relaxing lunchtime bike ride. I decided to go to the closest Trader Joe's and stock up on chocolate healthy gourmet treats.

Holy shit, that was stressful! I don't know whether I just chose the wrong route, or if every single car downtown was from out of town, or what, but I had four separate brushes with vehicles scooting past me in the same lane, with inches to spare (not the legally required three feet--and my shouting, "Dude! Three feet!" had little impact, but at least there was no other impact, which is good).

Then I saw a stupid-ass bicyclist try for death by SUV right in front of me, and thank the FSM the driver wasn't on the phone and was quick on the brakes or it would have been ugly.

Then I got stuck in traffic. I sat through four red lights at one intersection, exhaust pipes all around me.

Mind you, it was still way better than riding a bus to Trader Joe's, and I do now have several weeks' supply of chocolate, but it gave me a keen appreciation for the views of people who live in less bike-friendly places than Portland. I would not want to take that particular ride every day, or even ever again, and if that were my only route option I wouldn't be riding a bike at all.

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