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Open to the sky

Woo hoo! After a long and rainy season with a mudroom whose leaking roof actually gave a view of the sky, Ed the Contractor (also my bro-in-law) has begun the re-roofing project.

The mudroom is an appendage tacked on (badly) by some previous owner, and it has been slowly decaying throughout the time I've lived here. It's an impossible little space, taken up by two doors and an open (and dangerous) basement stair.

The exterior door sticks and jams and is windowless and ugly and not usable. It's been screwed shut for ages. The whole area has been so damp and spidery and nasty that I've ignored it as much as possible, and just bunged excess paint cans and stuff out there.

But it's the only garden-tool storage space I've got, and it's the best way out into the backyard. So I'm fixin' it.

This was a before-and-after during Project Empty Phase I--best I could do was tidy it a little; it's been beyond actual cleaning for as long as I can remember.


Here's what I came home to: same basic view, but looking upward a little:

Project Empty 2 Mudroom Roof off

And looking down:
Project Empty 2 Mudroom Floor

Tomorrow, Ed will re-frame the roofline for better drainage, and zip it up (including insulation and drywall--imagine! It's been plywood all this time).

Then he's going to move what is currently my front door to the back (a usable back door at last!) and install a pretty new front door.

And then I'm going to paint. I hate painting, but I think if I just knuckle down and force myself to do it, I can get it done.

Then [profile] kispexi2 and Mr Kis are coming to visit and we can go out in the back yard! \o/


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Jun. 29th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
This is so exciting -- I'm positively bouncing in my chair with excitement on your behalf! Can't wait to see the final result!!!
Jun. 29th, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
It's a pretty unglamorous bit of home improvement, but it will make a nice quality-of-life change. Plus, I'm getting one of those Queen Anne style doors with the oval glass for my front door, so that will be a style improvement for the house.
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