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I'm a tourist attraction!

I was coming up to a red light at the Rose Quarter transit center yesterday morning as a couple of Max trains were going through, when I saw a photographer hovering about.

Not just some guy with a camera. A Photographer. With a multi-pocket vest and a really big camera, looking very professional and intent, and watching me.

I halted a little back from the stop line, not wanting to get in the way of his shot. Then I realized that I was his shot. Hee! He smiled, waved, and said, "Hello. Can I take your picture? I am taking pictures for the Japanese magazine."

Because I love having my picture taken sooooo much, and positively relish the idea of being seen by strangers, I felt some need to stall for time, so I said, "What magazine?" just as if I know ALL the Japanese magazines and his answer would mean something to me.

He called out a title that was about as meaningful to me as you'd expect, and I said okay, and the light changed, and I pedaled on, and he took my picture. This is Portland, ladies and gentlemen of Japan: a place where big gray haired ladies may be seen riding big black bikes any day of the week.

Since no one will ever accuse me of being a Portland hipster, I suppose his photographs were aiming at a more complete view of the place. Just...if you follow Japanese magazines and know one that starts with a B (I think), and see in it an article about Portland, and in the article a picture of a big gray haired lady on a big black bike, do me a favor: don't show it to me, okay?



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