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The Ten Things Meme

Ten things I've done that others on my flist probably haven't. If that's so, it's owing less to any inherent interestingness of my life than to its sheer length. So far.
  1. I've constructed a pillbox hat entirely of beads.

  2. I've swum in the upper tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. There were pink dolphins in the same stretch of water.
  3. I've sung Eastern Orthodox chant, in Aramaic. Professionally. (Skrippy, I expect you to have done this one, actually.)
  4. I've discussed euthanasia--human and animal--with an elderly lady, in French. At a 14th century mill in the Dordogne. Which I arrived at only because I am too disoriented to read a map and was lost. I should let that happen more often.
  5. I've ridden in a large transport lorry from Middlesbrough to Hull in the northeast of England.
  6. I've hand excavated four cubic yards of soil (it's more than it sounds like) to build a back yard.
  7. I've designed, manufactured, and marketed an original product. (Okay, I didn't say "successfully".)
  8. I've hand-tailored a wool coat.
  9. I've had my mediocre French personally criticized, over lunch, by Hélène Cixous.

  10. I've applied for a job with--and consequently had my phone tapped by--the CIA. (Can I prove that? Oh hell no. But sometimes I'd swear they're still listening.)


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(Deleted comment)
Feb. 23rd, 2005 05:37 pm (UTC)
Digging is relaxing! I'm glad to know someone who understands that. And yes, my cubic yards, too, were clay. It was what you might call an empowering experience.

The Perfect Bead Box was a beadwork junkie's best friend. That photo is looking straight down at the work surface. The hinged lid sealed all your different beads and tools in their own compartments. It was made of mahogany and fit on the tray table of an airliner or in a briefcase. There were left-handed and right-handed versions. I sold 60 of them before my manufacturer quit on me. I still have a couple of them around.
Feb. 27th, 2005 01:48 am (UTC)
wow, wow and WOW! Love the hat! And singing Pro. Dude! I'll pretty much be retyping everything you wrote followed by an exclamation point.

And lastly, hearing Gollum saying, "...not listening. I'm not listening."

Good to know you a little better.
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