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Sometimes it's just a dripping faucet

Because I am the world's most negligent homeowner, I've been neglecting a dripping kitchen faucet for several months now. At first I could just twist on the taps to make it stop, then I had to twist extra hard, and pretty soon I had to twist extra hard just to make it less annoying, and not long after that it was a matter of positioning the faucet over a rag so the dripping wouldn't be so audible.

To appease my conscience, I would stick an empty glass under it and drink the collected water when the glass got full. This was actually quite beneficial for my well-being, as I have a tendency to ignore proper hydration. I also tried to take shorter showers to help make up the waste.

But finally, yesterday, at 4:35 (half an hour after the Sunday closure of the neighborhood hardware store), the drips had turned to more of a steady trickle, and I could ignore it no longer.

Not surprisingly, I needed something at the hardware store to complete the job, so I left the sink filled with dirty dishes and gross food bits, and the water turned off at the valves under the sink.

I got to the hardware today, came home early, and, after only a single instance of water spraying straight up to the ceiling, fixed the problem. As with most homeowner tasks, it was more annoying than I'd hoped and not as hard as I'd feared, and there was a video on YouTube showing me exactly how to do it. As with most homeowner tasks, it involved purchasing one wrong thing, and one that I didn't really need, neither of which I'll ever bother to take back to the hardware store.

As with most homeowner tasks, now that it's done, I wonder what took me so damn long.

Well, the dishes are washed, the gross food bits are in the compost, the faucet no longer drips, and I'm just going to have to get myself glasses of water the old fashioned way.

Back to writing.

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Apr. 20th, 2010 04:19 am (UTC)
seriously. i fucking love the internets.

it's like the best encyclopedia/library/brain/repository of knowlege evaR!

i can't imagine ever not having access to the internets.
Apr. 20th, 2010 04:30 am (UTC)
I don't even like to think of being without it! It's like a nightmare post-apocalyptic novel: NO INTERNET DUN DUN DUN!!!!

*hides in terror*
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