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One of the greatest things that can happen in online fandom life is to discover even more common ground than fandom with someone, and make a real-life friend, one you enjoy meeting in person.

I had that experience with [personal profile] kis. We connected online in the Firefly fandom way back in 2003 (god! could it have been that long ago?). I met her in person for the first time at a 2005 con in London (where we had the most squeeingly great time), and got a personalized tour of Edinburgh a year later when I was back in the UK for non-fannish purposes. Met Mr Kis and "the Son and Heir", both delightful gentlemen, and brought home wonderful memories.

So now, [personal profile] kis and Mr Kis are coming to see me! They've planned a trip to the US centering around Jellystone Park, and because hey, coming-all-this-way, etc., they are going to fly first to Stumptown solely on the strength of my living here. Well, that, and Mt St Helens.

We have tons of plans involving volcano-climbing, bookstore-wandering, augite-hunting, beach-going, possibly bike-riding, friends-meeting, food-eating and generally good-time-having, before they rent a car and drive eastward into the Rockies to go see Old Faithful and fly home out of Denver.

The very-clever arrangement we've come up with is for them to take over my humble house while they're here. (I, meanwhile, will stay across the street at my sister's house. My house is way too small for three people.)

This is all going to happen in early September. Between now and then, I must put my house in order. I'm used to my house, but that's no reason to inflict it as it is on wonderful friends from lands far away, right?

Accordingly, I'm implementing 15M4K, Fifteen Minutes For Kis. I will spend (a minimum of) fifteen minutes every day making, doing, or fixing something about the house and grounds that will make their stay more enjoyable. Remodeling, it ain't. It's more of an extension of Project Empty.

First up: Prune the crazy kiwi vine that's threatening to tear down my porch. *goes outside with garden shears*

Okay, that's done. Next? The Secret Closet of Clutter.

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Mar. 28th, 2010 06:44 am (UTC)
Oh cool!

Yay fandom friends!



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