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I forgot. Bo's pissed at yourself.

Mix one cup of Omar G's Smallville recaps, a handful of Orcinus' blog on The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism, 250 grams of Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, and a little original real-person fic. Throw it into the The Bonsai Story Generator and flip the switch.

Here, with modest editing, is a sample of the bizarre cookie that results.

When trying to expose his sneaky escape, Bo Bo punches Bo. Bo narrowly escapes. He always liked to be taken for midnight. I forgot. Bo's pissed at yourself.

"How could you, Lana?" Steffi, as Lex continues moving on Clark, says, and steps into the wood of necrotic fermentation. A fine allusion, really, to see into the truck.

No Lana! Don't steer away; capital, boiler and column, wheel. No, Lana! Don't steer away. This was the Pendulum's business.

A moment later the couple went by fast. Faster than the Enlightenment. This worthy undertaking had attributed to catch a hole. Just how conservative, however, is the actual shape of this transformation?

It was the summer solstice. Jacopo Belbo out Clark.

But the earth turns in the Pendulum's business, not accidental but originally part of a super groomer. I decided to give him a general politics that comprises many games, for I dreaded seeing them come to decipher, even for a moment, that Lana's unbelievably unnatural beauty would be labeled fascism.

Thanks to skripka for the pointer. It's fun.


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Feb. 3rd, 2005 01:30 am (UTC)
The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism is pretty shocking, especially the details about the CBS "forgeries".
Feb. 3rd, 2005 02:04 am (UTC)
I just made my way through all seven sections of it and it was a sobering--not to say damned depressing--read.

I've been sensing the rise of some version of fascism for a long time, but until Orcinus's long essay, only the most wacko conspiracy theorists offered a framework on which to hang my suspicions.

Saying, "I should've seen it sooner" only underscores how much my own comfort has blinded me and how dull the intellectual tools are from my lazy American education.

You must excuse me now. I'm going to open a bottle of cheap Minervois red called "Les Hérétiques" and play the SOTU drinking game.
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