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So it really is all about free will

I'm never good at summing up and analyzing an episode of Supernatural right after watching it--partly because my attention span is crap, and partly because it's just not that lucidly written.

[personal profile] vampirefan and I watched tonight's ep twice in a row, because it was extra-hard to assemble, what with all the epic canonicity. One thing seems clear to me now: the angels--and maybe the demons too--represent the idea of destiny, while Sam, Dean and Castiel represent free will.

All this noise about good and evil is so much sleight of hand, so much distraction--the angel and devil strippers in Dean's dream at the beginning made that very clear. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain--that "man" being the absent God. Really. Pay no attention to him.

I had begun to think the writers really wanted us to believe the stupid destiny thing. They kept putting lame-ass answers in various characters' mouths: "It's your destiny because it is written," and "It's written because it's your destiny."

So tonight when Michael said (after a really "Oh please just shoot me now" sermon about the inevitability of fratricide), "Free will's an illusion, Dean," and scrubbed John and Mary's minds (i.e., their free will), I knew he was lying.

So did Dean, and I was all \o/ when Dean called himself, his "darling little brother Sam," and Castiel "Team Free Will."

And also? It's time for Dean to stop using the cutesie lame movie and TV references. It's gotten really old. That said, "Six Degrees of Heaven Bacon" was just stupidly funny.

And also, also? They SO don't need a Season Six.

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Feb. 5th, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
I thought Sam was definitely unsure of his ability to exercise his free will, but last night was the first ep where he gave the impression of understanding that demon-blood evil might not be his destiny. It was one step closer to my fantasy series finale, where they pull a Thelma and Louise.

Or, you know, a Butch and Sundance.



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