DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,

Tiffin with bungees

serenity_valley's recent bento diaries have been inspiring me to get back to taking my lunch to work.

I came up with a novel solution for transporting it.

Clyde Tiffin Bungees

Inside, I baked a little chicken pot pie right into the bottom section, then had some veggies in the middle and a little Elvis Cake in the top.

With two bungees, it was quite stable--so much so that it wasn't all that easy to get off! As I was waiting for the light at 9th and Weidler, a woman crossed the street in front of me with an identical tiffin. Tiffin solidarity! And when I got to work, a guy in the garage said, "Hey! Is that your lunch? That looks pretty cool."

Note: the chicken pie was only so-so, and the brussels sprouts needed soy sauce, which I forgot. Much, much better lunches are in my near future.

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Tags: bento, food, riding clyde, tiffin
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