DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai) wrote,


I'm coming to you now from Ubuntu 9.10.

Some convergence of means, motive, and opportunity has finally made me ready to--well, not murder, but at least kidnap and subdue, Windows.

My main motive is Vista. What a pile of poo, and $100 to "upgrade" to Windows 7? Yeah, no.

Secondary motive: most of what I like and need to do with my computer--notably cloud computing via Google's Tentacular and All-Seeing Omnipresence--is finally available in some Linux flavor. I'm writing this post in Chrome for Linux. luzula tells me there's Audacity for Linux too--I'm installing it right now.

The opportunity: cold, rainy Sunday afternoon.

So here I am at last, subverting the dominant paradigm the way I've wanted to do for YEARS but have never quite had the MMO for. I'm dual-booting for now, but I have no real expectation of going back to Windows, and I imagine I'll soon do a clean and complete install.

So far Ubuntu seems fast, straightforward, lean and fully functional. There's nothing real strange here. It found my wireless network. I can hear sounds. Youtube videos play. There's a photo editor. Bluetooth driver works. It can sync with my phone. It does most of what I need.

I have a feeling that this is going to work out just fine.

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Tags: geekery, linux
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